About 2200

About 2200

MMRambotics is a team of students from M.M. Robinson High School in Burlington, Ontario. We are continuing to compete in the the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), we were established in 2006 and we have been competing since 2007.

The team is run by our coaches Dave Hammel, Daniel Rothmain and many of the great mentors, ranging from other teachers, volunteers, as well as past students.

The team is composed of students in grades 9-12. The team lets anyone that can bring a helping hand to the team join in the adventure. Any prior skills or knowledge that students can bring to the table will be used in some way on the team, ranging from basic electrical knowledge all the way to website and media design.


FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen . The organization was created to foster interest in young people to explore careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). FIRST runs several programs for youth, ranging from very early development (ages 3-6) up to the FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) at the high school level.

Since 1989, the FIRST Robotics Competition has been inspiring students of all ages to enhance their inner ingenuity. With the art of competition and co-operation students build live robots to complete annual challenges.

The community has built the term “Gracious Professionalism” to structure a set of mentors, students, and sponsors who join together to create some of the best times of their life. In these moments education and future job opportunities are formed and applied.

They organize robotics competitions internationally each year with new challenges and new heights of innovation using the latest industry standard technologies. FIRST is all about thinking, inspiring, and creating a better world.