Welcome to Grade 3/4 FI

Welcome to Mme Barborini's class website. Please check here daily for classroom news, homework, and upcoming projects and presentations. Our class will be visiting the Library for book exchange every Monday morning so students should be reminded to have their library books at school every Monday. They should be signing out one English and one French book every week. Our gym periods are Mondays and Thursdays and will be taught in French. Students should be prepared with running shoes so that they are able to participate in physical activities on those days. The following subjects will be taught in French - Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Drama and Dance, Health, and of course French. The following subjects will be taught in English for the Grade 4's - Math and Literacy, Music, Art and Health. Math will be taught in French for the Grade 3's.

At home reading programs both in French and English will be starting within the first couple of weeks of school. Please ensure that your child is reading nightly both in French and English and that reading logs are completed and signed after reading. English reading should be returned and exchanged daily or with longer chapter type books, as soon as they are completed. It is important that French reading is returned to school on Fridays as students will be reading their book with reading buddies on Friday mornings and students will complete a reading response for their French reading as well. They will select a new French book every Monday morning and are expected to read their French leveled book Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for homework, remembering to sign the reading log. Children learn a new language through a lot of repetition and so this is why it is important that your child read the same book on consecutive days.

It is important that students and parents check our class website daily as there are no agendas so this is the only way to check what is going on in our classroom and so that students are prepared for school everyday with homework, assignments, and upcoming events. Please feel free to contact me at the school as well for further questions and concerns about your child's progress and growth in school.