Milton District High School

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

O.S.S.L.T. 2018 will be written on

APRIL 10th 2018.

Please do not book doctor's appointments, vacations, family time, or anything else on this day. All grade 10 students and those who are still in need of this graduation requirement (grades 11, 12) will write the OSSLT on this day, and this day only.

A practice test is scheduled for THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8th 2018. This practice test is used to determine which students need extra assistance and/or practice in order to earn a 75%+ on the O.S.S.L.T. As the O.S.S.L.T. is a graduation requirement, we ask that students take this practice seriously so an accurate result of their literacy skills is displayed.

The Mustang Information Hub for the Literacy Test