Home Practice

For more information about the Intermediate Music Program at Irma Coulson, click here.

To find all the available songs, please click on the upper right "Home" key.

There are different pages for each group. Each sub folder in this section has PDF sheet music for the different parts and MP3 files for the recorded music.

Song Recordings are available as a demo and as an instrumental performance (IP). A demo is the original artist or solo demonstration. An IP is only a background soundtrack. You supply the melody. Practice with the demo first and then try the IP version when you feel comfortable. Different speeds are available for each song. 70% is the slowest. If there is no speed indicated, then it is full speed.

If you have difficulty accessing the files, please make sure you login using your HDSB email address.

Have fun!

Congratulations to the Concert Band for their winning performance at the Ontario Band Festival in Toronto. Below is a recording of the performance as well as comments by the adjudicators.