Daily & Seasonal Changes

Sequences & Cycles Lesson: We learned the following concepts:

  • A sequence is a list of things in the order they happen.
  • A cycle is a sequence that repeats itself.

Students cut and paste the sequence of building a snowman. After brainstorming different types of cycles, (such as the life cycle of butterfly and the seasons), students drew a cycle of their choice. We also dramatized different cycles!

Day & Night

Cycles with Modelling Clay

Today our class created different types of cycles with modelling clay. A life cycle of a pumpkin was made as a team. Individually, students also made: Day & Night (to the left), The Seasons, Sunflower and many others!

The Sun ~ A source of heat & light

We learned that without the sun the Earth would be very dark and very cold and that the sun is the Earth's principal source of heat and light. We described the changes in the amount of heat and light from the sun that occur throughout the day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night) and the seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter).

We drew pictures that highlighted the sorts of activities (and adaptations) that take place in the different seasons. In the Winter: We go sledding, drink hot chocolate, wear warm clothes and make snow people.