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September 11, 2018 - SNC2DB - Grade 10 ISP English - Links to Digital Resources for your Creation Myth research:

  • Crash Course Mythology - a YouTube series exploring myths from around the world. Several Creation Myths are explored over many episodes at the beginning of the series. The episodes are researched by academics and published by a non-profit education-based company.
  • Creation Stories from Around the World - published by University of Georgia. Online book sorted into chapters by cultural group. Chapters are excerpted from various academic writings. Each chapter has a full reference from it's original publisher.
  • Creation Myths - published by a professor at University of Pittsburgh - scroll down to the 'Creation Myths' entry and find myths for the Blackfoot, Miao (China), and Phillipines.
  • North American Indigenous Creation Myths - Compiled by a Washington State University course, contains entries for many different cultural groups. Each entry has a full reference from its original publisher.

October 16, 2017 - Senior French Immersion - Francophone Culture Research

Use the French-Language Databases listed above! They are academic, have citation tools and are published in French!

To search Google in French, go to "Google Advanced Search". Limit your search to Language - "French".

You can also add the filters for inurl:edu, gov, or org to your search in "Site or Domain". This will help filter out non-academic results.

The general guideline for citing your resources from Google searches:

Author (if given). "Title of Document" Title of Website Date of publication or latest update. Name of associated institution (if given). Date of access <URL>

Example: "Mardi gras:au fait, d’où vient cette tradition (et pourquoi y mange-t-on des crêpes)?" LCI. 28 févr 2017. La Chaîne Info. Accessed 16 Oct, 2017 <>