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Here you will find information and daily homework updates for:

*Class 82 (my homeroom)

*Class 7/8 (History/Geography)

Important: Technology and Our Classroom

Students are welcome to bring their personal devices to class as a tool to support their learning. If the class is engaging in an activity that requires technology, a Chromebook will ALWAYS be made available - students are not expected or required to bring any personal devices to class.

Should students choose to bring a phone, iPad or other device, they are expected to use it appropriately - for research, written output, as a calculator, to submit assignments. Texting, gaming and social media are not effective uses of class time. Save that for breaks and after school! Students using tech in these ways during instructional time will be asked to store their device in their locker for the rest of the day.

Students choosing to use devices are requested to download and install the following apps:

*Google Classroom *Gmail *Google Drive *Google Calendar

Please use your HDSB login information to get set up.