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Cooperative education provides secondary school students with a wide range of rigorous learning opportunities connected to communities outside the school. It is designed to recognize and respond to the diversity of Ontario’s student population, and it can engage all students. In cooperative education, students learn in safe, culturally responsive environments in the community, and they are actively involved in determining what they learn, how they learn, when and where they learn, and how they demonstrate their learning. Participation in cooperative education can lead to transformation and change, engaging students in unique experiences that they will remember throughout their lives.

Ontario Curriculum Document

Goals of Cooperative Education

All students can benefit from participating in cooperative education. In their experiences in cooperative education, students will develop:

  • a reflective habit of mind to derive meaning from their experiences;
  • the ability to apply (e.g., transfer) their learning to influence decisions and actions in various aspects of their lives;
  • the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind required to become competent and confident education and career/life planners.