Ms. Bokhari's Website

Class Information:


School phone: (905) 632-5151

Office hours: Period 3 (10:50am-12:02) and Period4 12:07-1:20pm)

Extra help

Extra help from a Bateman Math teacher is available every day during lunch in Rm 259.

Ms. Bokhari is available during most lunch hours and most days after school

(just let me know when you're coming in)

The Homework Help website provides students with access to both guided and independent learning. Key areas of the site include Ask A Tutor Chat Rooms, Listen & Learn presentations with certified teachers, Interactive Tutorials, and Best Sessions.

Information for parents

Links to lessons, online quizzes, and class discussions can be found in our classroom Calendar.

We will be doing online quizzes and using Desmos on devices almost every class so, if you have one, please remember to bring a laptop, chromebook, tablet, or phone whenever possible.