Robert Bateman Healthcare SHSM

The Healthcare SHSM Program

Offers students an opportunity to specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the Healthcare field while still in high school. The SHSM program has a number of required components designed to give students a “leg-up” to pursue post-secondary opportunities while exploring their interest in healthcare.

The SHSM program takes the shift away from traditional learning as students participate in experiential learning opportunities, earn certifications while developing professional and personal skills.

The demand for professionals in the Healthcare sector in Ontario and across Canada is increasing as the age of our population increases. As such, this sector has both a wide variety of career opportunities and employs close to 2 million people across Canada. Kinesiologist, child care worker, fitness instructor, doctor, nurse, veterinary technician, hospital porter and medical technician are just some of the numerous occupations that the Healthcare SHSM program prepares students to pursue.

Program Overview

Students Will...

• Gain knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, immunology, and human development

• Learn and understand the diverse needs of both the children and elderly population

• Develop some fundamental skills used in health care including: assisting with activities of daily living, assessment skills, and taking vital signs

• Develop an understanding and appreciation for communication techniques that enable them to provide psychosocial care to their clients

• Recognize the diversity of the occupations in health care and understand the roles that each play as a component of a collaborative team management

Course Overview

The program consists of:

• 3 health care courses and grade 11 biology

• Courses in chemistry, physics and/or grade 12 biology

• 1 math credit

• 1 English credit

• 2 co-op credits

Students will also need to complete 3 Contextualized Learning Assignments (CLA's) in their science, math and English courses.

Additional Information

Students will also earn a minimum of:

  • 7 certifications
  • 4 Reach Ahead Experiences
  • 4 Experiential Learning Opportunities

(see below for more information on each category)

Certifications and Experiential Learning

Certifications & Training

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation at the Healthcare Provider level

Standard First Aid


Infection Control

Elective Certificates: Medical Terminology, Leadership, Group Dynamics, Mental Health, HOSA

Reach Ahead

University of Guelph Anatomy Lab

Michener Institute Open House

McMaster University Open House

Mohawk College Open House

... and much more!

Experiential Learning

Volunteer Medical Staff for events

Oakville Hospital Operating Room

St. Michael's Hospital Trauma Bay

Numerous Guest Speakers from the healthcare field

SickKids Hospital lab tour

... and much more!

Program Schedule

Program Delivery

Students will enroll to attend the program in semester 1 at Robert Bateman High School. They have the option of remaining at RBHS for the second semester or they can return to their home school and complete the remainder of their graduation requirements. Each student’s particular career goals are examined, and the most suitable schedule and course selection is obtained.

Students will be enrolled in the three healthcare classes at RBHS and then will also sign up for one additional credit based on availability.

Course Information

Grade 11 Healthcare- TPJ3C/M

This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic health care procedures, including the safe use of appropriate instruments, equipment, and materials. Students will focus on health care fundamentals, including the anatomical features and physiology of the major body systems and the factors that affect homeostasis in the human body. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety issues in the healthcare field, analyse environmental and societal issues related to health care, and learn about professional practice standards and career opportunities in the field.

Grade 11 Biology- SBI3C/U

This course furthers students’ understanding of the processes that occur in biological systems. Students will study theory and conduct investigations in the areas of biodiversity; evolution; genetic processes; the structure and function of animals; and the anatomy, growth, and function of plants. The course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the topics under study, and helps students refine skills related to scientific investigation.

Grade 12 Healthcare- TPJ4C/M

This course focuses on the development of a range of skills needed to analyse and interpret clinical findings. Students will learn about accepted health care practices and demonstrate an understanding of basic procedures and the use of appropriate instruments and equipment. They will acquire an understanding of basic concepts related to the function of the human immune system and explore the relationship between pathology and disease prevention and treatment. Students will expand their awareness of workers' health and safety issues, analyse environmental and societal issues related to health care, and further explore professional practice standards and postsecondary destinations in the field.

Grade 12 Childcare & Gerontology

This course enables students to examine the stages of child development and the aging process. Students will study the processes of disease and factors contributing to health and well-being in early and later life, and will develop skills required to meet the needs of children and older adults (care skills). Students will also learn about legislation governing the care of children and older adults; evaluate social and recreational activities, programs, and services for improving quality of life; and develop an awareness of health and safety issues, environmental and social issues, and career opportunities related to child care and gerontology.

Program Brochures

Robert Bateman High School SHSM Brochure

  • note- new brochure being created for 2019

Health and Wellness SHSM information from the Halton District School Board


Below is an interview with one of the Healthcare students

Application Details and Contact information: All interested students can obtain an application at his/her guidance office or on the Pathways website here. For more information about the Healthcare SHSM program at RBHS, visit or email

To register for the program, go to on MyBluePrint and mark yourself as 'Interested' or visit your guidance counselor at your school.

Parent information nights are held throughout the year to allow interested students and parents to seek further information. There is a small fee for the program to cover classroom supplies.