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April 2022 Edition

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Mrs. Dehlinger


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April Calendar of Events

    • April 1 Last day for UPES Animal Supply Drive

    • April 1 Grade 4 ELA Assessment - Part 2

    • April 4 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group A

    • April 4 Tie-Dye Spirit Day

    • April 4 & 5 Grade 5 ELA Assessment

    • April 5 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group C

    • April 5 Class Color Spirit Day

    • April 5 6:30 PM Board of Education Meeting at Armor Elementary

    • April 6 Character Spirit Day - Wear your favorite character on your shirt.

    • April 7 3:00 PM 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group E

    • April 7 School Spirit Day - wear your purple & white

    • April 7 In-school Community Meetings for Students

    • April 8 Fancy Spirit Day - wear your best attire

    • April 11 - 18 Spring Recess - No School

    • April 19 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group D

    • April 19 6:30 PM Board of Education Meeting at Armor Elementary

    • April 21 6:30 PM PTSA Meeting in the LMC

    • April 26 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group C

    • April 26 7:00 PM Grade 4 & 5 Musical - Union Street Auditorium

    • April 26 & 27 NYS Mathematics Assessment for Grade 3

    • April 27 Administrative Professionals Day (aka "Secretaries' Day")

    • April 28 3:00 PM Garden Club - Group E

    • April 28 & 29 NYS Mathematics Assessment for Grade 4

    • May 2 & 3 NYS Mathematics Assessment for Grade 5

Extracurricular Activities for the Month of March:

  • Walk Across America is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 - 8:50 AM. (You needed to register prior to the start of this program.) The last day for the program is May 19.

  • Grades 4 & 5 Musical Practice - Tuesday, Wednesdays, & Thursdays for month of thru April 26 (see Mr. Beiter's schedule for your child's exact dates.)

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News from the Office

Paper Notes Needed for Dismissal Changes

Please send a note to school if your child's dismissal will be changed. The teacher will see it and then send it to the office. This is the preferential way to inform the office and the teacher. We are often getting emails sent to us before the students have even left home. Because of our new filtering system, some of these emails are not being received until it is too late. In the event of an emergency change that happens after your child has left for school that day, contact the office by phone first and then send an email. We will then reply that we have received it. Please help us in our endeavor to make sure all of our students get where they need to go after school. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Kindergarten Registration for September 2022 is Now Open

Start your student's registration by visiting http://www.hamburgschools.org and click on Enrolling Students. If you have any questions, email: centralreg@hcsdk12.org or call (716) 646-3200 x7217. If your child goes to Preschool at Charlotte Avenue Elementary, your child is automatically registered for Kindergarten in our school.

Are You Volunteering for a Field Trip this Spring? If so, please read:

We have a number of field trips happening this spring. New to our District this year: All volunteers must complete the online training each year, even if you have been trained in the past. This includes class field trip volunteers. Directions and the link for this training are available by emailing our secretary, Mrs. Murray at mmurray@hcsdk12.org or Ms. Grotke at jgrotke@hcsdk12.org . Please do this as soon as possible, as you must also be Board-of-Education approved before being a volunteer. Thank you.

Updating Parental Information

If you have a change in any of your phone numbers or emergency contact information, please go to the Parent Portal to update this information. Thank you.

Walk Across America

Walk Across America is a morning walking program open to all K- 5 students. The program takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 8:30. Walk Across America has started but it's not too late to join. Follow the link to sign up and hear more about the program.

Walking Announcement

Walk Across America Sign Up


Our next Spirit Week will be April 4 - 8:

  • April 4 - Tie Dye Day

  • April 5 - Class Color Day

  • April 6 - Character Day - Wear your favorite character on your shirt!

  • April 7 - School Spirit Day - Flood the school with purple and white!

  • April 8 - Fancy Day - Wear your best attire.

Our next PTSA meeting will be on April 21 in the LMC from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. All are welcome. Please bring new ideas.

Connect with PTSA

We have many activities we want to plan for our students. We need the help of the community to make it great! Please join our PTSA. We can’t do any of it without you! To become a member, please go to: https://hamburgptsa.memberhub.com/store/items/352

Counselor's Corner:

Spring is the quintessential time of change. Energetically, we step out of the darkness of winter and into the warmth. It’s kind of the best time of year. Most of us are emerging from our yearly hibernation and are ready to stretch our legs in the sunshine. Hours of daylight lengthen and the weather warms as we start to spend more time outside. We can feel how it’s the time to shed what no longer serves us and step towards activities and ideas that are fresh.

Change is always easy, right? Yeah, not so much. When we shed the old layers of winter, we may be a little nervous about what is the next step. Though exciting, changes take us out of our comfort zone and we’re unsure of what’s coming in our lives.

My suggestion? Listen to your heart and start to explore the things that are calling you. Is there an activity that is sparking your interest? Leave the fear behind and go check it out. Change requires growth and we grow stronger when we accept new ideas and lifestyle choices.

  • Purge your wardrobe

  • Create a spring playlist with upbeat tunes

  • Take regular walks around your neighborhood, go for a hike or for a walk in the park.

  • Open the windows in your home

  • Light a spring-scented candle

  • Create a new vision board

  • Write your bucket list for the rest of the year

  • Try out yoga or a new workout routine

  • Buy a new reusable water bottle & infuse your water with citrus or fruits

  • Get some fresh blooms for your home.

  • Work out in the yard – plant some flowers or cut the grass

  • Deep clean your house (not all at once – set a realistic schedule)

  • Visit your local farmer’s market

  • Reflect on life – where you’re at and what you’ve learned recently

  • Make a new dessert – incorporate fresh fruits

  • Create a sacred place in your home where you can relax

  • Clean out your car and get a new air freshener for it

  • Start journaling

  • Unplug from the online world as much as you can

  • Start a new hobby and make regular time for it

  • Go on a picnic with some close friends

  • Remind yourself daily of how important it is to focus on your wellbeing


Ms. Pula and Mrs. Cantie

Attendance Reminder

  • Anytime your child is absent from school, a paper note must be sent to school with your child upon their return, stating the reason for the absence. If you do not turn in the note, the absence will become an unexcused absence. Parents, please check your child's report card for any unexcused absences and send in a note for those date(s). If you are uncertain of the date(s), please contact the Attendance Office in the morning at (716) 646-3288.

  • Please call the Attendance Office each day that your child is absent. Our phone number is (716) 646-3288. A message can be left at anytime school is not open. Please do not call the main office or email the teacher to report an absence.

  • If your child(ren) will be absent because of a vacation, please fill out a vacation form two weeks prior to your departure. These forms are available in the main office, on our district website or click on this link: Family Vacation Form .

Kids Heart Challenge

Thank you to all that donated to the Kids Heart Challenge. UPES raised over $11,700!

See the link below for the announcement:

Kids Heart Challenge Thank you.

Notes from the Nurse's Office

New York State Education Law requires all students going into sixth grade to have a Tdap vaccine prior to admission to sixth grade.

If your child is going to receive the immunization this summer please forward the information to the Hamburg Middle School

Attention: MS School Nurse- Rosanna Marks

Fax: (716) 646-6380

April Health Tip:

With the weather breaking, encourage your child to go outside! Remember to protect their head by having them wear a helmet while riding bikes, skateboards, scooters, and skates.

Please email a picture of any at home COVID-19 test results to sinsley@hcsdk12.org. Please include the student's name and date of the test right ON the card/cassette. See example below.

If your child is ill, please keep them home until they have been without fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for at least 24 hours without medication.

UPES School Nurse: Mrs. Sarah Insley

Phone: (716) 646-3287

Fax: (716) 646-3237


  • Congratulations to Mrs. Allen! She welcomed her baby boy, Asher, into their family on March 3.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Linz! She and her husband welcomed their daughter, Raegan Elizabeth, on March 13.

  • Welcome to Ms. Warmingham to UPES. She is the Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant substitute for Mrs. Buchanan, who is on maternity leave.

Community Resources

NY Project Hope rack card.pdf
NYProjectHope Tips flyer.pdf

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