Instructional Design Final

ELF Camp Training 2016

This training is for Hoover City Schools' Engaged Learning Initiative (ELI) Facilitators. ELI is the initiative which was started with the implementation of 1:1 Chromebooks for students in grades 3-5, but also represents an overall mindset of innovation which comes with technology integration. Two years ago, the tech department started a facilitators program which is a train-the-trainer model. Each grade level team at each of the ten schools has one teacher represented on the facilitators' team. The team together is affectionately called ELFs (Engaged Learning Facilitators). The ELFs are rock star teachers who are innovative and creative. I work on a team of three elementary coaches. Every year before school starts, the coaches have a workshop ("camp") for the ELFs. This is our chance to set the stage for the year. It's a chance to build the ELFs knowledge and to encourage growth. The training is from 8 am- 3 pm on August 3rd.

The handout on the first page is the overall structure of the day. Everything is linked from this page. I have pulled out the different elements needed for the project for convenience. It can be navigated from the tabs on the top-right of the website.

This training will prompt the ELFs to choose one passion project to focus on this year. The ELFs will join Google Classrooms based on their choice and will virtually meet throughout the year. They will essentially be forming PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) within this PLC of the ELF group. Tech Coaches will facilitate their discussions and growth. The handout will serve as the ELFs future reference for the training. They can access it through the URL we will share or through the Google Classroom.