What's the Word?

Welcome to the Talbott Springs Elementary Literacy Website!

We are excited to launch this site as a way to showcase reading and writing endeavors by TSES staff and students. Please note this is a work in progress and will be continually updated so stop by frequently to see what's new!

Humans of TSES is a creative celebration of the Reading Stories of the TSES Staff. Visit here to learn a little more about the people in our school.

Once Upon a Time showcases students' narrative writing. Escape into a great story or enjoy a poem, song or play on this page.

Learn.Grow.Teach houses informational writing, providing you a chance to learn something new.

The Opinion Page is exactly that: Persuasive writing at it's best. What topics are trending with students? What are the thoughts and opinions surrounding those ideas? Who will you agree with?

Finally, What's Hot? What's Not? features thinking about books. Check this page often to get the latest on what readers at TSES enjoy.

Have a question or see something you love?

Contact Juli Lubelczyk at julia_lubelczyk@hcpss.org or Brian McMahon at brian_mcmahon@hcpss.org with any feedback or requests.

Special thanks to our Student Editors for maintenance of the website.