Maryland Science Olympiad 

Division A

Update (Oct 14, 2023)  We have added TWO NEW TRIAL Events to our 23-24 list of events (Save the Ice and Codebreakers).  We also swapped the events Calculator Contest and Categories, those changes can be seen on the Schedule of Events Page.

Science Olympiad Overview  - Division A

Much like Divisions B (Middle School) and C (High School) students in Division A (Elementary School) compete in teams of 15 to show their knowledge and ability across earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.  

In Maryland, Division A teams will be competing in a local competition only as we are still adding Division A teams after our inaugural season during 2021-2022.   Eventually we will look to model what Division B/C teams will have with some Regional competitions and a State Final - but we are several years away from that plan we think.

As we are getting things restarted we will work in two phases this year.  We will publish practice materials and a practice test for all events here on the site (so schools can use those to work with students) and then a local competition (Howard County) to be held April 20, 2024.  

We look forward to you joining us next year April 2024.  The full registration process is found on our Costs tab.


There are many places that are very useful for our 2023-2024 events

National SciOly Sites

Note:  There is a NEW 2024 Division A manual.  Please do NOT purchase that one.  Make sure you purchase the "Competitive Tournament Rules Manual" for either $16 or $20.

Other States links

Note:  Every state runs their Division A events very differently so if any of these states have some overlap lap with us, it can be very helpful.