Driver Education

Driver Education Information

Driver Education Classes are taught five or six times during the school year based on a student’s 15th birthday.

Announcements are made a week prior to traditional classes starting for students to sign up. Sign up information will be available in the guidance office when classes are announced.

Students are generally enrolled in classes prior to their 15th birthday. Online classes are taught throughout the school year. Online information can be found on the link below to Mountain Professional Incorporated.

If you are a homeschool or private school student (living in the West district), you may call the school for traditional classes or check the online classes.

Traditional classes are taught from 6:45 – 7:45 AM with a few afternoon classes being taught from 3:10-5:10.

Our classes are taught using the American Driver and Traffic Safety Curriculum and the North Carolina Standard Curriculum guide.

ATTENTION: If you are applying for first time license or permit - Beginning November 13, 2018 the following will apply: Applicants that do not pass the knowledge test (25 question test) for a class "C" license or permit may not retest for 7 calendar days.


Online Driver Ed is also available throughout the year.

Online Driver Education



Important Links

Information about Mountain Professionals Inc.

North Carolina DMV Handbook

Our Teachers

Mr. Teeter

  • 1978 Graduate of Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Driver and Traffic Safety Education.
  • Driver Education teacher for 30 + years.
  • Worked 30 years in Henderson County Public Schools and retired in 2009.
  • Working the last 6 years for Mountain Professionals Inc. who contracts with HCPS.

Ms. Shook

  • Graduate of Western Carolina University
  • Teaches at WHHS in the EC department.
  • Teaching Driver Education for Mountain Professionals Inc. who contracts with HCPS since 2016.

Mrs. Polovina

  • Works for HCPS as an EC Teacher Assistant since 2010
  • Teaching Driver Education for Mountain Professionals Inc. who contracts with HCPS since 2016.