The Writing Center at HHS

What you can expect

We are just as happy to brainstorm ideas and help with other preliminary work as we are to help revise a rough draft or fine-tune a final draft. Although we will assist writers with proper grammatical usage, we cannot copyedit papers; we aim to engage writers in conversations and practice that will help them learn from our assistance and apply that knowledge to their own patterns of error. Writing center student-editors work, free of charge, with writers to brainstorm, outline, organize, analyze, or revise a wide array of compositions.

Why visit us?

Many students think only "bad writers" seek tutoring. The truth is, every writer, no matter their ability, age, or course of study, can benefit from peer-to-peer guidance! Whether you have specific questions or just seek general advice, our tutors would love to discuss your writing with you.

Mission Statement

The HHS Writing Center aims to provide assistance to students as they work through their writing process. We hope to instill in students the power that writing holds and encourage students to constantly improve their writing abilities. The Writing Center wishes to preserve the integrity of the writing process and the skills involved. We recognize that this will be different for each individual writer, but we hope to teach principles and skills for students to use as a foundation for their writing.