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Here you will find useful links and resources for high school graduation requirements, college and financial aid applications, job applications, and career information.

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Important terminology for college applications:

Undergraduate: this is what you will be when you start college, so this is the type of application you need to fill out. You are an undergraduate student until you graduate (earn your four-year degree), then you can choose to earn additional degrees (Masters, Doctorate, etc.) as a graduate student.

Post-secondary: any schooling done after high school (community college, university, etc). You are currently in secondary school, so your next step is post-secondary education. Elementary school is also known as primary school.

Full-time vs. Part-time Student: Whether you attend college full time or part time depends on your course load. In full-time status you will need to take at least 12 credit hours (four classes) per semester. Part-time status varies, but it could mean taking even just 3 credit hours (one class) at a time. Click here to see an article about choosing which might work best for you.