Rugby Middle School

Week of 6/4 - 6/8/2018

So here we are. Most of our testing is complete, and now we have the week to celebrate the school year and enjoy our last moments with this crop of outstanding young people. I urge you to use this week to help your students internalize their growth this year and to challenge them to make their next year a step forward, regardless of where they are currently.

I want to say an enormous thanks to all from our community who offered some time to help with proctoring this past week. We can’t test without this assistance, and our community always steps up to this task.

In the coming week, it is vital that all students clear any charges that they may have with the cafeteria, media center or their teachers. Please help us to clear these obligations.

We will be conducting a Summer School Retesting program the week after school is over. Teachers will be reaching out to the parents of students who are recommended to join us for this opportunity. Students will be invited to attend for either Reading or Math, and they will get instruction on Monday and Tuesday (6/11, 6/12). Reading Retest will occur on Wednesday (6/13), and Math Retest will occur on Thursday (6/14). A small number of students will be invited for 8th Grade Science as well. We will work to schedule that as students are identified. Feel free to call or email the school with questions.

If your student missed a testing session and needs to complete a make-up, please see the schedule laid out below in red.

Final Report Cards will be printed and distributed to students on the final day of school. This final report card will state whether the student is promoted or if he/she will be subject to review with the Promotion/Retention Committee. If this applied to your student, please call the school to set an appointment time with the review board.

The faculty and staff of Rugby Middle School wants to offer huge gratitude to all of our parents and the REP organization who has really shown us appreciation this year. It is an amazing dynamic that is created when families, students, and schools work together for a common goal!


Monday, June 4:- Science NCFE 6th, 7th Grade, 8:30 - 10:30 am

- Social Studies NCFE make-up all grade levels, 12:00 pm

Tuesday, June 5: - English I NCFE, 8:30 am

- Reading EOG Make-up, all grade levels, 8:30 am

- Science NCFE Make-up, 6th and 7th grades, 12:00 pm

- Rugby Country Club-7th Grade PBL Presentation, 6:00-7:30

Wednesday, June 6: - Math EOG Make-up, all grade levels online, 8:30 am

- Student Send off, dismissal

Thursday, June 7: - 8th grade/whole school Awards, 8:30 am

- English I/Math I Informational Meeting, 6:00 pm

Friday, June 8: - 6th Grade Awards, 8:30 am

- 7th Grade Awards, 10:00 am

- Student Talent Show (schedule forthcoming)


Monday, June 11: - Thursday, June 14: - SUMMER SCHOOL AND RETESTING