Privacy & Compliance

Student Data Collected and Maintained

Holyoke School District takes seriously its obligation to protect the privacy of data collected, used, shared and stored.

The district has always protected student data. The new Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act is helping to reinforce this protection by focusing on:

    • Reinforcing protocol for using software and working with vendors
    • Transparency for our community on what student data the CDE and HCOSD collects and how its collected
    • Bringing greater awareness of elements to look for on click-through contracts for free online apps

This site contains state and federal policies the Holyoke School District adheres to, data privacy and security procedures, as well as guidance and resources for various stakeholders.

On-Demand Service Providers (ODSP) by definition are the agreements that happen before installing an app or extension in your Chrome browser, or before installing an online software program.

This transparency has been mandated by Colorado House Bill 16-1423 Student Data Transparency and Security Act. In addition, we are providing a list of ODSP using click-through contracts that include online tools used by students and teachers in the classroom. This list is a good faith effort to stay current with online instructional tools and is updated twice a year.

The Holyoke School District Board of Education has adopted policies relating to student data privacy and safety. The relevant board policy and regulation on student data privacy are

In addition to the data collected by the Colorado Department of Education, Holyoke School District RE-1J also collects and maintains Student Identifiable Information (PII) on the following. Holyoke School District RE-1J uses PII for the following:

  • Improving classroom instructional time
  • To comply with State and Federal requirements
  • Accountability purposes