Art Speaks!

information. emotion. wonder.

Here at Holyoke JR/HS, we prescribe to the idea that good art communicates information, expresses an emotion, or inspires the viewer to wonder. Everything done inside the walls of the art room is done with the intent to teach students these ideals. This site is where I post all the current art room happenings and showcase pictures of some of the fabulous work created here. Enjoy!

How art class works:

1. Units The curriculum consists of four units: 1) Element of Art (JH) or Principles of Design (HS), 2) Media and Techniques, 2) Art History, and 3) Current Applications and Extensions.

2. Art Exercise Within each unit, students will engage in pre-determined, teacher-led activities that focus on building their artistic skills and familiarizing artists with new medias. The goal is simply to learn/develop aptitude in technique and media or to gain knowledge or understanding of new concepts and information.

3. Authentic Art After engaging in an art exercise, artists will be asked to think creatively and apply their knowledge of the unit's teaching to a personal artwork. Project parameters will be open-ended; student choice in process, content, and media is encouraged. The goal is creatively communicate personally meaningful ideas through art.

5. TAB Centers On select days or if an artist finishes a project early, he or she may work on a self-directed project in a media-based or concept-based TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behaviors) center. The goal is to maximize creative thinking by offering choice in planning, problem solving, and idea generation.

Art Room Wishlist

We always need supplies in the art room. If you'd like to help out by donating items, here's what we'll need for upcoming projects. Send items with your kiddo or leave them in the drop box in the art room Thanks!!

  • paper towels
  • 409/Lysol
  • Sculpey clay
  • new washcloths
  • Legos

JH Current Unit: Elements of Art

Current Lesson: Line

Photos to be posted soon!

HS Current Unit: Elements of Art

Current Lesson: Pattern

Photos to be posted soon!