Save the date for 2019 Jun. 24-26

Camp Wellagogy Manifesto


You’ve already failed. How are you going to de-stress if you can’t learn how to say, “no”? You’ve gone and signed up for yet another work commitment during your last few days of summer bliss.

This is different though. This will be three days of foundation building that will make your school year better. You will breathe deeper (read: annoy your bunkmates with your snoring).

You will not watch any Powerpoint presentations here.

You will not be in your comfort zone the entire time.

You will not burn sage and go on a dreamquest… (well, some of you might)

You will probably strain yourself, trying to pluck fruit from the plum tree shading the pool.

You will probably make friends with the teacher who has a supply of cocktail ice.

You will probably leave camp with dirty feet and a happy heart.

This is for you. You are not required to attend every session. Your take-away may be a strategy to use with your students, it may be a lifestyle change for yourself, or it might just be a new-found connection with another educator.

Don’t bring your grumpy pants. We don’t want to listen to you complain about your administrator, your students, or your class parents. Let’s focus on ourselves, bright moments, and solutions.

Do bring your light (and your flashlight).

Do bring your game. Yea, expect to do some mushy circle talk and all, but we are looking for some fierce warrior energy to emerge when it’s time for Color Wars. You’re going to get silly, dirty, and sore.

Heartwood is a no-kill zone. Your bow and arrow better not hit a wild turkey.

Air Conditioning: Nope. Get in the pool -and bring your own towel.

Phone & WIFI: Nope.

Bugs, snakes, and poison oak: Yep.

Happy Hour: If your prissy friend needs ice in their libation, they need to buy it at the Harris market (20 minute drive. It’s August in Humboldt. Don’t go exploring off the main road or looking for hot house tomatoes...)

Warning: Deer, racoons, boars, and camp staff have no boundaries. Food or drink left out is fair game.