8th Grade Science

Welcome to Ms. Molina's 8th Grade Science class. We hope that everyone is doing well and had a wonderful and restful summer. This year, we have high expectations and we'll be doing our best to educate and guide you to be academically successful despite the challenge we may encounter. Let us work together to overcome these obstacles and have an awesome year learning and having fun with Science. Take care, be safe, and God bless.


Email: denise.molina@hcisd.org

Phone: (956) 430 - 4400

Conference: 9:35 am - 10:05 am

Science Overview

  1. Nature of Science (Scientific Method)

  2. Introduction to Chemistry (Atoms)

  3. Introduction to Physics (Force and Motion)

  4. Ecosystems and Interdependence Among Living Systems (Life Science)

  5. Earth and Space (The Universe))