The iSpark Consortium

Hwa Chong Institution School-Based Gifted Education [SBGE]

In tandem with the school's overarching philosophical underpinnings, the Hwa Chong School Based Gifted Education program, hosted by iSpark, aims to focus on the total development of all its students placing steadfast emphasis on the following aspects of personal growth: Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetics.

We are committed to create and provide a learning environment that is challenging and engaging to the gifted learners. A varied curriculum and enrichment programme is planned and implemented for students from ages 13 to 18 years old. Broadly, the curriculum is planned based on a constructivist and investigative approach. Experiential learning through interdisciplinary studies, individualized research studies, projects, and moot parliament program is but a norm in the academic program.

In addition to ensuring that each iSpark student is academically stretched to his fullest potential, we are resolute in our emphasis to provide an equally enriching and meaningful affective education. Thus, the elements of caring, critical and creative thinking permeate in all curricula and programs.

Students in iSpark are given opportunities and are encouraged to work with the community through Community Involvement Programme (CIP) and Service Learning. (CIP is compulsory for all Sec 4 students.) Students also have ample opportunities to develop their leadership talents through various leadership training programs.

The student leaders in iSpark, comprising the iCouncil members and Class Committee members are also actively involved in service to the community through organizing meaningful yet fun-filled events such as running the iCouncil after-School sale, beautifying School environment and end of term activities for the consortium.

Ultimately, our vision is to see iSpark students graduate as fully developed, confident and caring individuals ready to take on service and leadership roles in both local and global communities.

Tok Aik Lin

Director, The iSpark Consortium for Gifted Learners & Special Programmes