Information & Parenting Tips for College Parents

Transition to Junior College

The transition from secondary school to junior college is an important milestone for your child. Our aim is to build on your child’s strong foundation, and prepare him/her well for university and beyond. These two years are thus crucial in developing your child’s independence and ability to adapt, for a fulfilling and engaging life.

To achieve our aim, we need your help and support.

Getting a new school year off to a good start can positively impact your child’s attitude, confidence, and performance, both socially and academically.

All our students soon learn to adapt to a more rigorous and structured GCE A-Level curriculum. They also learn to confront the demands and expectations associated with preparing for an important national examination. Other than the academic rigor, your child may face a more hectic schedule from co-curricular activities (CCAs), especially during national competitions, or when preparing for school projects or drama productions. As a young adult, it is important for your child to learn to manage his or her time effectively, as well as strike a good balance between studies and non-academic activities. Here, a positive mind-set can help your child to navigate the transition successfully.

Different students develop different coping strategies. You can help by encouraging your child, planning ahead, and being realistic. As partners, we also need you to support our teachers who are committed to seeing our students succeed. This website will provide you with more information to guide your child on his/her transition.

MOE School Calendar for Junior College

Communication with Parents 2019

*Please save the following dates in your calendar if you are interested to attend*

For JC1 Parents

Briefing on Subject Combination (IP & DSA Parents) - 16 January Click here for slides (IP)

Briefing on Subject Combination (JAE Parents) - 2 February Click here for slides (JAE)

JC1 Parents' Day - 20 February (Wednesday)

02. (FOR PARENT) Parents Gateway Onboarding video for Parents.mp4

Instruction to download Parents Gateway

2019 Parent Handout English Version Final.pdf

Parents' Day Handout (English)

2019 Parent Handout Chinese Version Final.pdf

Parents' Day Handout (Chinese)

JC1 Parent-Tutor-Meeting -10 May (Friday) - Registration required.

PSG Parenting Talks

For JC2 Parents

JC2 Parent-Tutor-Meeting - 3 May (Friday) - Registration required.

JC2 Graduation Days - 10 & 11 October (Thursday, Friday)

PSG Parenting Talks

College Handbook

The College Handbook contains useful information on the following aspects:

(You will need to log on to ISP to access this document)

  • Code of Conduct and School Rules (Pg 47)
  • Academic Information (e.g. Assessment Structure, Promotion Criteria) (Pg 60)
  • Hwa Chong Diploma (Pg 92)
  • Finance (e.g. Fees, Financial Assistance) (Pg 101)

Resources for Parents

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School Vision Mission Values

User Guide to ISP

Parent Support Group

ECG: Information on Local Universities

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