Human care hands foundation uk, which is a humanitarian charity based and registered in United Kingdom. Briefly it gives the introduction, the Trustees setup, aims and objective of the Trust, details of charity work and projects conducted and implemented through the help of Trustees, Advisory Team, volunteers in UK and abroad, the donors, well wishers, supporters etc., to enable the Trust to fulfil its desires, dreams and perform duties to help and support the humanity at large.

I would like to thank, with all my heart and soul, all Trustees, advisors, friends, well wishers, donors, other organisations, and our field work teams in UK and abroad, for their whole hearted devotional work in UK, Africa & Asia, for their continued co-operation, support and service in all matters concerned.

May Allah bless His creation, and especially those people and organisation who are working hard to serve humanity.


Human Care Hands Foundation uk

Introduction of Human care hands foundation uk

Board of Trustee’s:

(MrShair Ahmad Khan Chairman

(Mr.) Shah Faisal Secretary

(Mrs.) Ume Kalsoom Treasurer

Vision :

Our vision is to alleviate poverty, promote education, and provide basic requirements for needy people, to make this world more secure, equitable and peaceful. Raise awareness about causes of

1. Poverty and help reduce poverty.

2. Education and promote support & provide education.

3. Healths, illness, support present medical charities and provide medical & surgical facilities.

4. Environmental changes in the field of health, cleanliness of streets etc. morality, mannerism, social including religious approach & promotion.


Human care hands foundation uk Trust, a British Registered Charitable Organization, who believes in humanitarian values and guidance; Help vulnerable and needy people among all religions, sects, color, races, ages, social status etc. globally. We support individuals and communities by fighting against poverty and help to eliminate social inequalities to gain self-confidence to live with dignity, humanity, respect and kindness.

Aim and Objective

Human care hands foundation uk is working hard to serve the suffering people-young, old, sick men, women and children wherever they are. The aims and objectives of Human care ;

v To help minimize poverty, to raise awareness about illiteracy & importance of education, and increase employment and business sectors.

v To support & promote educational projects,

v To facilitate medical treatment, raise health awareness, and support medical charities.

v To help create healthy & pleasant environment,

v To help reduce crime & antisocial behaviour,

v To support, promote and improve the social structure through families &their elders(senior citizen)

v To help raise funds for the projects of the Trust.

Our History

Human care hands foundation uk was founded in 2008 registered with charity commission in United Kingdom, initially to serve Local Community and help poor and needy around the world our perimeters of belief and relief globally. we believed that family is the unit & first step to solve social problems and bring peace to the society. In order to help solve parents’ problems, free Matrimonial services were introduced and provided to over 1600 families, and still serving, free of charges.

A growing number of occurrences of violence injustice, social/economic problem and natural disasters (like Earthquake and Floods) expanded our mission’s work and lead us to make further efforts. Our biggest goal is to fight against illiteracy and poverty, meet the needs of water shortage which is most important source for people to survive. And also support poor and orphan children to provide better future for them.

Human care hands foundation uk; emergency relief projects are always ready to help war victims and natural disaster affectees, by providing medical assistance, domestic products, food, repairing houses, streets and supporting them environmentally and financially, to gain self-confidence without differentiation of religion, race, colour etc.

Founder’s Remarks

With deep concern it is felt that due to the alarming environmental scenario around the world, where poverty, disease, illiteracy and un-healthy environment is common, life looks meaningless. One can read, think, feel about the sufferings among old sick people, youths children and women, but scared to take quantum leap to introduce modern logistic system, invite people to join them and reform the situation, no matter how much!

But there is always one person or a group of a few like-minded people who dare stand up and take the challenge. This first bold step to look in the eyes of challenge, become voice of the masses, who later join them, work hard, make scarifies and defeat the magnitude of sufferings, disappointments, disease, ignorance, poverty, defaced culture etc. and bring brighter future for next generation to enjoy peace, love, respect, freedom, security, happiness, prosperity etc. This is the concern of founders of Human Care Hands Foundation UK Trust, and we are determined to work on it slowly but surely.

It is a dream- an un-ending dream, which can come true when the Almighty Creator wills, as the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves”.

We have seen a dream of breaking chains of emergencies and challenges; so we humbly invite you all brothers, sisters, boys & girls, young & old, poor & rich, weak & strong, to join us, take this challenge and make the earth a peaceful place for every one.

Fundraising Activities

To implement our projects and continue the existing projects, we have raised funds from the United Kingdom.

In the holy month of Ramadan fund collection was made in different mosques of London. At the same time we have sent many letters to different mosques to get their support.

Advertisement TV and News papers

We gave our advertisements on television and Newspapers to aware people of our work and about to invite new donors into Charity. Advertisement on the TV and Newspaper along with news of the Trust gave us opportunity to show our present and future projects.

Literature with appeal letter

Literature of the Human care has been designed to highlight our future projects and appeal letters to donors of Human care. Especially, appeals were sent out at the time of emergency e.g. historic floods and drought stricken areas in Asia & Africa.

Clean Water Project:

According to BBC News Pakistan, more than 7.5m people were affected by the monsoon rains of September 2010, about three million were decisively out of food. Thousands of houses were demolished with deadly rains, and an estimate area of 4m acres were under water. A few hundred people were reported dead in the flood disaster, the structural infrastructure such as homes, farm lands, commercial properties, and a few power stations were knocked out.

It was impossible for government of Pakistan to handle this disastrous situation but thanks God, Human Care along with some other charitable organization a sizeable relief provided, in the form of food and other necessities of life, as much as funds were available.

As shown in the above photo Human care provided relief to the flood affectees by food, clothing, utility items, pillows, quilts, beds and clean drinking water. In the beginning outskirts of Nowshera, Chaar Sadda(north of Pakistan) was targeted, Human Care after the historic floods in Pakistan in 2011, people living in affected areas provided water pumps in their houses dug in water wells. The flood water flooded in their wells with rubble and muddied water thus making water unhealthy and completely unsuitable for human consumption.

Clean Drinking Water Project

Care Link has been trying to provide water relief in its on capacity. Care Link’s team has installed hand water pumps on the request of needy people in Nepal but large numbers of hand water pumps have been installed in backward areas of Pakistan where people have been using dirty water along with their livestock from the ponds.

As you can see in the photo now our water pumps are producing clean water as they have been installed using plastic pipe filter for under ground and galvanised steel metal for human interaction. They are clean and durable as well.

Till now Human Care team has installed hundred and forty six water hand pumps. The water situation has improved in the targeted areas especially provision of water for animals and vegetation alike, Representatives of Huam Care are getting more requests for water pumps for areas where weather is hot and people are facing problem of finding fresh water.

The charity appeals for generous donation so we can reach more people to improve their quality of life by providing safe drinking water for very deprived people those who live in remote areas.

Thousands of water hand pumps and Tube Wells are needed urgently to provide clean drinking water for human, animals and vegetation’s.

Education Project

For the last 5 years the charity has been sponsoring a number of orphan children for their education and personal needs. Also the charity has been funding children schools, (including lodging, and clothing and for further higher education and awareness ) in Africa & Asia.

Education is a basic right of all human beings-children, adults, young and old men and women from all over the world. But unfortunately only those with good financial status can take advantage of getting educations. Poor children are deprived of this right of education and to gain better future for them. As Human Care we are trying to provide educational support (for poor).

Financial Support :

Human care hands foundation uk; emergency relief projects are always ready to help war victims and natural disaster affectees, by providing Cash Support the family and domestic products, food, repairing houses, streets and supporting them environmentally and financially.

Food Project:

The large number of Support, containing shoes, caps, scarves, dress suits, toys etc. were provided to children, women and men, old and young ; community dinners were organised for them to celebrate Eid festival and to forget their poorness for the time being.

In the month of Ramadan & Eid- ul- Adha, Muslims have an obligation to make sacrifice of an animal (per head). In 2011 when people were facing the floods disaster in Pakistan, hundreds of people offered to Care Link their Qurbanis (ritual animal sacrifice). Therefore many hundreds of animals were offered as sacrifice on behalf of our generous donors, hygienically and speedily, we distributed fresh Qurbani meat to poor families in disaster areas in a very systematic and organised manner.

During the flood disaster period in Pakistan when people had no or little food. Human Care arranged for such iftar dinners in the month of Ramadan for groups and families. Human Care will also organise iftar dinners as and when a request is received ( in month of Ramadan).

Financial help

Human Care support-teams very often get request from people, facing different kinds of problems, involving money matters. Depending upon the availability of funds Human Care is always too glad to meet their demands/ requests, small or large. For example we support (financially) poor young couples getting married, poor people who need help to repair/build their houses, poor people who need money for their medical treatment, poor people who need money for burial of their loved ones, provide financial assistance to widows (with or without children), and also poor old families.

Our Projects

Some projects in hand have already been explained in early page. Other future projects will be executed in light of our four item program agenda i.e. Poverty, education, health and environment.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Human Care offered its best to serve humanity in every way in many countries e.g. UK, Asia, Africa have already benefited from our projects. We never focus only on certain projects, we are always ready to help needy people matter whatever their needs are. Therefore our help perimeter is getting bigger. These perimeter, including natural disaster victims, poor, orphan, needy, widows, students, old men and women etc. We always try to provide healthy, peaceful and pleasant environment, wherever possible.

We implement our projects through financial help from our generous donors and of course with the help of volunteering teams. However to fulfil our achievement we need more resources. As long as there are natural disasters, wars and poverty problems in the World, there will be people in need, and we shall put our heart and soul and capabilities, in helping disaster affectees. Human Care needs more generous donors to support in this noble cause.

Furthermore, in order to increase charitable work and increase our resources, we need professional expertise. We believe, people with resources have, in most cases, good heart and always willing to help less fortunate people in need.

Apart from appealing for financial donations, professional expertises are also needed in charitable field. The importance and need of educated, experienced, professionals and kind hearted people is most essential and can not be denied. So, people especially young educated people who have this human nature we request them to come forward and lend us a hand to reach the needy people and their needs.

We have already opened branch offices in Pakistan, Ghana, Senegal. And we would like to have our Relief Centres in other countries as well to reach more people. In this respect we appeal to all people interested in this noble cause, to join us.