STEM School Robotics

Welcome to the STEM School information website for the Pythons Robotics Team

Our mission is to revolutionize robotics teams with student leaders and enhanced community outreach to spark interest in STEM fields and inspire younger generations to take hold of their future.

STEM Pythons Award History:

* 2017 Rocket City Regional FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award - Ethan Rosenow

* 2018 Rocket City Regional Engineering Inspiration Award

* 2018 Houston World Championship Safety Star of the Day Award - Carson Gamet

Team Strengths:

Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Innovation

Most Significant Challenge Overcome:

Making a detailed design and making a final decision.

Briefly Describe Your Team History:

2020 will mark our team’s 7th year in existence. We have spent many years ironing out our team organization and training systems. We believe we have it just right.

Team Effort in Promoting FIRST®:

STEM Pythons team members participate in volunteering at First Lego League events and helping the competitors. We also help other FLL and FRC teams in the Chattanooga, TN area.

Our Team's Effort in Promoting STEM Education:

Our team is at STEM School Chattanooga, so everything we do is in part to promote STEM education. Our team uses the skills learned together to excel in our school work, and in our community outreach events to help benefit STEM education.

Our Team's Community Involvement:

We have participated in the Spirit of Innovation Fair, TVA Showcase, and many other events. Additionally, our team plans and organizes our own events such as Car-Bot, Parent's Night Out, Bake Sales, STEM Jubilee, and other robotics outreach events.

Our Team's Sustainability and Fundraising Effort:

Every year, we host multiple fundraising events and participate in many events with our sponsors to create better sustainability and independence for years to come.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter @STEMpythons

Instagram @stempythons

Facebook @STEMSchoolPythons

Ways to Join

FRC Technical Team:

This is our main team that focuses on the creation of our main Competition robot. It is made up of a talented group of students who have demonstrated interest, ability, and determination. One can join by applying for an interview.

FRC Practice Team:

Our practice team is dedicated to preparing the next lineup of students for FIRST. Students will learn to assemble, disassemble, design, and drive a robot. One can join this team by

VEX Team:

The VEX team works to create a robot for a separate competition. They learn to work in a small & heavily team-based environment as they compete in multiple competitions. One can join this team by simply attending a meeting.

Business & Branding:

The business and branding team supports the rest of the logistics such as social media, shirt designs, and event scheduling. The business and branding team allows for members to design items, schedule events, and make social media posts. One can join this team by joining a sub team.


Competition Schedule:

  • Tuesday, January 21st at Chattanooga Christian School from 5-7:30
  • Thursday, January 30th at Chattanooga Christian School from 5-7:30
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