STEM School Robotics

Welcome to the information website for the STEM School Chattanooga Robotics

Our mission is to revolutionize robotics teams with student leaders and enhanced community outreach to spark interest in STEM fields and inspire younger generations to take hold of their future.

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Ways to Join

VEX Teams:

The VEX teams work to create a robot for a separate competition. They learn to work in a small & heavily team-based environment as they compete in multiple competitions. The Vex teams are small groups that take their own robots to the competitions. One can start forming or joining a team by attending a meeting and contacting Mr. Vanzant.

Business & Branding:

The business and branding team supports the rest of the teams by handling important, non-technical things such as social media, graphic designs, fundraising, award planning, and event scheduling. The business and branding team allows for members to design items, schedule events, and make social media posts. One can apply to join this team by contacting Mr. Vanzant.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter @STEMpythons

Instagram @stempythons

Facebook @STEMSchoolPythons

Meet Mr.Vanzant

Mr. Vanzant is the STEM III and FabLab teacher at STEM. He has worked at STEM for seven years. He also is in charge of the robotics team. He works with both our Vex teams and the Vex organization. He has a background in chemical engineering.

Fun Facts:

Q: How many competitions do we compete in during a school year?

A: Vex has multiple competitions starting in December.

Q: Where is your team located?

A: STEM School of Chattanooga on the Chattanooga State campus

Q: How long has there been a STEM School in Chattanooga?

A: Since August 2012

Q: What is special about our team?

A: We are a Student-led team. Our students are the ones that work on the robots, they contact sponsors, and they make policies. The adults and teachers on our team have a minimal role mostly consisting of mentoring and guiding members.

Q: How long was your team been registered in FRC?

A: 2013-2021

Q: How long has your team been registered in Vex?

A: Since 2019