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School Phone Number: (423) 498-7365 (press 3, then 3 again)

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Whether you're stressed, happy, anxious, worried, angry, sad or just want to say hello, I have an open door policy. Come by my office any time to talk, as long as you have permission from your teacher. If you prefer to schedule in advance, email is the best way to contact me.

About Me

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If you prefer to read, here's some information about me!

I grew up in Atlanta, GA.

I love rock climbing, mountain biking, reading, painting, doodling, cooking, baking & spending time with friends and family.

I attended Georgia State University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology (and minor in Philosophy.). I moved to Chattanooga in 2017 and recently graduated from University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a M.Ed (Master's of Education) in Professional Counseling.

What Does a School Counselor Do?

The primary goal of a school counselor is to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to learn.

Education should be equally accessible to all students regardless of mental health, race, ethnic background, gender, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and/or religious beliefs.

School counselors remove barriers to education by addressing the academic, career and social/emotional development needs of students.

Direct Services to Students:

Individual Counseling: My M.Ed is in Professional Counseling, which means I am able to provide short term counseling services to students on a wide range of issues.

Group Counseling: Students, depending on their level of need, will have the option to participate in group counseling. Examples of topics for group counseling include; grief support, study and organizational skills, anger management, or friendship.

Advisement: I can also help with academic schedules, assist in making educational plan and exploring career options.

Instruction: Throughout the year, I will do classroom guidance lessons on a variety of social/emotional topics.

Responsive Services and Crisis Counseling: Deescalation for students who are in mental/emotional distress is provided by school counselor. Student's in crisis are treated through the HCS protocol. As with all situations, safety is the top priority.

Indirect Services to Students:

Referrals: If a student or family is in need of services not offered at CCA, I can make a referral to the appropriate provider.

Consultation/Collaboration: School counselors work closely with teachers, administration and parents/guardians to ensure all students have access to their education.


School counselors recognize their primary obligation regarding confidentiality is to the student but balance that obligation with an understanding of the family or guardians’ legal and inherent rights to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.

Confidentiality is maintained unless the student is being harmed, thinking about harming themselves, or thinking about harming others.

Additional Information from The American School Counseling Association (ASCA)

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