An Integrative Healing Practice

Integrative Medicine

We use the term “integrative” to describe our holistic approach to care, drawing upon conventional and complementary therapies. During your comprehensive evaluation, we will explore possible biological, psychological, environmental, and lifestyle contributions to your symptoms and work to develop an integrated treatment plan that draws upon a multidisciplinary approach. Our wide based approach is tailored to your needs.

We offer patients a chance to recover in a place where they are welcomed, encouraged and respected. We are committed to personalizing our treatment to each individual patient. We treat the person and NOT the disease. We believe anyone can achieve the goal of life long recovery with the help of the right services and physicians that take into account the whole person along with the human experience.

What is Addiction??

· Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of your brain’s reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

· Addiction involves craving something intensely, losing control over its use, and continuing to use it despite negative consequences.

· Addiction changes the brain, first by changing the way it registers pleasure and then by corrupting other normal drives such as learning and motivation.

What is addiction medicine?

Addiction medicine is a medical specialty that recognizes addictive illnesses as brain-based, chronic conditions and promotes evidence-based, empathic counseling and medication treatments. Recovery depends on an integrative approach that with care and respect addresses a person's psychology, relationship, spirit, and whole health needs.

Our Approach

We can consult with you or treat, if you are suffering from alcohol or drug problems, or gambling, food, internet or sexual compulsivity. We take a non-judgmental, compassionate approach that is individualized to each person's needs. It may include psychodynamic, harm-reduction, relapse prevention, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness practice, 12-step support and pharmacology approaches.

If you have a loved one suffering from an addictive illness, we can provide you consultation or therapeutic support.

Our goal is to meet you wherever you are at:

  • You are unsure if you or a loved one have an addictive illness.

  • You are unsure of the level of treatment you may need.

  • You have another mental health condition that intersects with your addiction.

  • You want a physician to work side-by-side with your counselor.

  • You need medication and counseling support for relapse prevention.

  • You want a clinician who respects your individual recovery choices, whether it be 12-step work, or other approaches.


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