Inquiry into

Ecological Sustainability

Use this google drawing to plan and record evidence of your innovation ----->

<--Use these ideas to innovate and create something using plastic water bottles.


Read through this information to find the answers to the questions in your DLO: Text about composting organic rubbish

If that text is too tricky, you could watch this video first: Composting Video

Or read this text: Eco friendly kids text

Compost - MM2

A video about how to care for our earth

Use to take notes as you watch this video

Choose one of the 3R's to present using the multi-modal template.

Use this multi-modal template to present your chosen 'R' --->

Shop Environmentally - MM1

Reducing our waste by shopping environmentally.

Information can be found on this site: Text about reducing shopping waste

If that text is challenging to understand, watch this video first to get some ideas about shopping environmentally: How to reduce packaging waste

Interview questions

Interview our caretaker, principal or someone from the Board of Trustees to find out how Hay Park School plans to reduce waste and recycle.

Listen to the screencastify below to hear about how to complete this task

Important information

Save all of your work into your INQUIRY folder

If you collaborate with other people, make sure you put their initials in the title of the document

Make sure you credit any images or information to its rightful owner