Libby Clum

Miss Libby Clum has been a member of the Hayden Catholic community since 2018. She teaches freshman English, Psychology and Life Skills.

Miss Clum graduated from Benedictine College in 2018 with degree in secondary education and social studies with a minor in theology. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in school leadership from Benedictine College.

Miss Clum is also the assistant cheerleading and cross country coach. She is the sponsor for the Pro-Life and Students Against Destructive Decisions Clum on campus. In February of 2019, Miss Clum started a girls group, Girls Respond Actively to Christ's Example, or GRACE.

Miss Clum's teaching philosophy centers on student engagement and Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Miss Clum believes that students learn best when they are engaged in activities. Students will be using 21st Century Skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity every day. Miss Clum's goals for her students this school year include finding a love for reading, mastering fluid writing, and growing vocabulary.

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