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Easter Holiday Break - important notice

Dear Students

Thank you for the hard work that you have completed so far in these difficult times. We recognise that you will all need a break from your studies and so we ask that from Monday 6th April you pause your work on the learning activities until Monday 20th April. If you are behind with your work you can still access the activities in order that you can catch up. Staff will continue to add new resources and activities as we move forward.

Use this additional time wisely, stay safe and keep yourselves fit, healthy and ready for the new term.

Well done Hayfield Students, look at the amazing statistics below -

In the last two weeks we have seen -

3065 different users, completing 15,392 sessions viewing over 55,056 subject pages.

The top pages go to Science, History, English, Geography and Maths

Great work by year ten sociologists - 376 views

Year nine and ten business students working hard - 255 views.

Students - click the arrow to see which subjects have added new activities and instructions.

Art - Year 11 GCSE - No further coursework or portfolio work required.

Year 10 GCSE with new instructions to take you up to May Half Term.

Geography - All year groups with new instructions with work up to the Easter Holidays

History - All year groups with new instructions to take you up to May Half Term

Architecture - Year 7 New project instructions for Easter to May Half-Term

Year 9 New project instructions for Easter to May Half-Term.

Year 10 Additional activities with instructions up to May Half-Term.

Sociology - Year 10 with new instructions and work up until and including the week beginning the 27th of April

PE - New instructions for Core PE in all year groups, plus GCSE PE and OCR sport in year 10

Maths - Bespoke instructions for every group written by your teacher. Hegarty and more!

Construction - New instructions and tasks for year 10

ICT/Computing - New instructions and tasks for Y7, Y8, Y9 iMedia/Computer Science and Y10 iMedia/Computer Science up to May half Term

English Literature - Y7 and Y8 New instructions for w.c. 30.3.2020

English Language - Y7 and Y8 New instructions up to May Half Term

French/German - New Instructions for Y7 (+ New task 7Y2), Y8, Y9 and Y10 (New weekly photo task)

D&T/Engineering/3D/Graphics - New instructions and extended projects for Year 7,8 and 9. New instructions for Y10 OCR Engineering and Y10 3D design.

English Language - Y9 new instructions up to May half-term.

English Language - Y9 tasks to be completed w/b 30th March.

English Literature - Y9 and Y10 new instructions up to May half-term.

English Literature - Y10 Power and Conflict resource for task 2 focusing on the poem 'Ozymandias'.

Performing Arts - Y9 and Y10 tasks up to 1st May - with new instruction sheets.

Drama - Y7 and 8 tasks up to 1st May.

Science - New instructions and tasks for years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Class codes for all year groups for Seneca Learning.

Easter science programme/documentary recommended watch list.

Performing Arts - Y7 and 8 new instructions and resources up to May half term.

Statistics - Updated learning journey

Enterprise and Marketing - Y9 and Y10 instructions updated up to 8th May.

Hospitality and Catering - Y10 instructions updated up to May half-term.

Please note that some large files found in subject areas may not be available as a preview, but you will still be able to download the file. The Hayfield School cannot take credit for all the resources shared on this page.

Year 11 - Please see the Character and Culture link at the bottom of the page for careers and next steps advice and contact information

School Art Supplies Crayons - Free photo on Pixabay

Art, Architecture and Photography

Business,paper,office,finance,accounting - free image from needpix.com

Business and Enterprise

1,000+ Free Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Images ...

Computing and IT

Construction Site Working Sea - Free photo on Pixabay


Engineering,gears,sign,business,book - free image from needpix.com

D&T Engineering 3D and Graphics

File:Comedy and tragedy masks without background.svg - Wikimedia ...

Performing Arts, Drama and Music

Shakespeare's face | Free SVG

English Language

Shakespeare's face | Free SVG

English Literature


Globe, earth, world, planet, old world globe - free image from ...


File:History Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Free Images : pot, dish, meal, food, cooking, kitchen ...

Hospitality and Catering

File:Pure-mathematics-formulæ-blackboard.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


Fotbal Siluetă Juca - Grafică vectorială gratuită pe Pixabay

PE, Sport and Wellbeing

Biology,chemical,chemistry,color,colourful - free image from ...


Sociology Papers | lettawren | Flickr



Character and Culture