High School Scheduling

High School Scheduling Process

Program selection is one of the most important decisions that students make as they enter high school. The Guidance Department creates student schedules in a personalized approach that reflects career interests and goals. The Guidance Department works closely with the middle school so that entering ninth grade student programs are developed with a comprehensive understanding of individual student need. Ninth grade students make tentative plans for their full four year high school program, by selecting a small learning community, ensuring long range planning.

All student programs are individualized to personal needs, interests, abilities and goals. Counselors work collaboratively with students, parents and teachers to appropriately place students in academic classes and create schedules reflective of personalized goals, aptitudes, abilities, and interests.

Scheduling takes place annually between the months of February and March.  All students will individually meet with their counselor to review course placement recommendations and their electives. Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment to be a part of this process.