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Welcome to Mr. Hope's Class!

This site will give you Information for 8th Grade Science and IMS

at Hawthorn Middle School South.

Please visit this page often. It will be a terrific resource for everything related to our class this school year and it will be updated daily.

Please never hesitate to email me with questions!


If you were absent, be sure to turn in assignments that were due.

***Note regarding absences: 8th grade policy is that all absent work will be temporarily marked as a "ZERO" and "ABSENT" in the powerschool grade book until the work is completed and turned in by the student. Once the absent work is reviewed by the teacher, the appropriate grade will then be input into the powerschool grade book. This teaches students self-reliance, accountability and responsibility.

Please see me if you feel you need additional help with science.

After school help can be arranged after I finish bus supervision.

Monday - Friday: 2:20 - 3:00


Parent Portal Gradebook

Online Textbook/ConnectEd

Science Syllabus

Chapter 9 test on Friday!!! (OPEN NOTE)

***3 x 5 Note cards will be distributed. Students can write as much information on the front and back of the note card.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

With Mr. Hope

1st Academic Science Class

Monday, November 19th 2:30pm - 9pm

Tuesday, November 20th 8am - 10am

Parent - Teacher Conference Sign Up


End of Trimester 1, Thursday, Nov. 15th

Parent/Teacher Conferences 2:30pm-9pm, Monday Night, Nov. 19th

Parent/Teacher Conferences 8am-10am, Tuesday, Nov. 20th

Thanksgiving Break, Nov. 20th-25th

Advisory Day, Friday, Nov. 30th

Early Release, Wednesday, Dec. 12th

Advisory Day, Friday, Dec. 14th

Holiday Pep Assembly, Thursday, Dec. 20th

Winter Break, Friday Dec. 21st - Jan. 6th

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Mr. John Hope

8th Grade Science - Blue Team

Room 150


Phone: 847-990-4150

Hawthorn Middle School South