Counseling Center

Hawkins HS/MS Counselor

Kristen Reaves

Contact Information:

903-769-0571 ext. 513


School/District Information

Hawkins High & Middle School

179 Hawk Drive

Hawkins, TX 75765

School Counseling Program Mission

The Counseling and Guidance Center at Hawkins HS/MS assists students in their academic achievement, personal/social development, and post-secondary planning. The counselor provides the information that prepares students for their future educational decisions. They strive to make the school experience a positive one, so that each student may reach their fullest potential.

Virtual Classroom

As the School Counselor, I maintain a brief list of local counseling services for referral purposes for parents interested in private counseling for their students. Click Here for the list.

Please understand that the School Counselor is unable to meet with individual students on a regular basis due to the volume of students at our school and other duties. Also, school counselors are not therapists. Should a parent request that his/her student meets with a counselor on a regular basis, a referral to an outside agency/therapist would be needed.

If your child is resistant to seeing a therapist, please click here for helpful information.