E-School Registration

Registration for E-School courses is done by a faculty member (Site Facilitator) at your school. All schools determine which faculty member will be the Site Facilitator. This is how to get started and oriented with our online system.

How to Get Started

The recommended method for registration is to have the student AND counselor or Site Facilitator look at the course offerings together and decide if any of them meet the student’s needs. If there are desired courses, the counselor or Site Facilitator ensures that the student understands that online courses take a lot of work and discipline – different than the usual in-class learning situation (not necessarily harder – but sometimes – it just might take more motivation and personal drive.)

With the careful selection of the course and a firm understanding by the student of the diligence required, the Site Facilitator will register the student for a particular course. If the course is closed/filled, a student may be waitlisted.

Orientation Course

Students enrolling in an E-School course for the first time are required to successfully complete a teacher-facilitated online training course.

The student orientation course provides instruction on being an effective online student and how to use our Blackboard course management system. The orientation training can be accessed once students register for a course and receive their confirmation email. Failure to successfully complete the orientation by the designated due date will result in students being removed from their registered courses before the start of the session.