Community Garden Information
The EWC Community Garden is an organic garden located behind Hale Kuahine. EWCPA participants, staff, residents of EWC Residence Halls, and the community can reserve a plot to actively cultivate. Please note that some plots are shared by multiple people.

Community Garden Guidelines and Rules

  1. Plots are assigned on a per-semester basis, but you may keep your plot as long as you actively cultivate it. Plots are available, at the discretion of the EWCPA in collaboration with EWC Facilities, to EWC participants and staff, and to residents of Hale Mānoa and Hale Kuahine.

  2. For the sake of other gardeners, please keep your plot and the pathways surrounding your plot, free of weeds. Paying short but frequent visits to your plot is more effective than infrequent long visits. If a plot becomes overgrown the community garden coordinator may give a warning or reassign the plot to another user if no action is taken.

  3. Please notify the coordinator if you will be unable to tend your plot for a long period of time, or will have your friend tend the plot for you. Communication between the gardeners and coordinator is important to keep each plot assignment.

  4. Please add weeds to the compost pile in the garden. There are no compost bins in the garden. There’s a pile of weeds in the garden.

  5. Please add woody materials to the brush pile. The brush pile consists of woody materials such as branches and sticks.

  6. Plot boundaries are pre-determined by the Community Garden & Sustainability Coordinator in collaboration with EWC facilities. If you wish to redefine the boundaries of a plot, you must first obtain permission, so that the change can be added to the current plot map. Construction of any kind on the plots should be cleared first with the coordinator.

  7. EWC Community Garden is an organic garden! Please, do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Also, please try not to use genetically-modified seeds or plants.

  8. Unattended watering is not permitted, due to the scarcity of water on 'Oahu. Please, try to water in the late afternoon or early morning, for best results. When finished watering, turn water off at the spigot, then drain the hose – turn the valve below the spigot off and leave the hose fixture open so there is no pressure on the hose when not in use.

  9. Please clean and return tools to the storage after use. Tools may not be taken from the gardens. Please do not borrow any tools for use elsewhere.

  10. EWC community gardeners are encouraged and expected to participate in any garden events or activities. For example, Garden gleaning day, cleaning day, harvesting communal crops, BBQ ... etc.

  11. Have fun gardening! Contact the Gardening & Sustainability Coordinator for questions and information in regard to organic gardening.

  12. Reserving/Renewing a Garden Plot
    Please email the Garden & Sustainability Coordinator: Porpla Anongnard Nusartlert ( the following information if you would like to reserve your own plot space.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone (Cell)

Please also confirm in your email the following: I certify that the information I provided is true and I am eligible to apply for the EWC Community Garden in accordance with the rules of the East-West Center Participants Association and the rules of the East-West Center Community Garden. I confirm that I have read the garden rules and guidelines and will abide to these rules to the best of my ability.

Assigned Plots
Please review the plot map of the Community Garden. If you have any questions about your plot and its location, please contact the Garden & Sustainability Coordinator: Porpla Anongnard Nusartlert (

Directions to the community garden

The Community garden is located right behind Hale Kuahine.

EWC Garden Map + Plots

Last updated: May 2022