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The mission of the Hauppauge K-12 Library Department is to help students become 21st Century learners who can successfully locate, access, evaluate, and use information.  Aligned with New York State Common Core Standards, we strive to create intellectually curious students who love literature and who pursue knowledge as independent lifelong learners.  

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A turning point in history is defined as an idea, event or action that directly/indirectly causes change.  "A turning point can be a personal decision in the life of one person or a political choice affecting millions.  It can be an event or idea with global or local consequences, or it can be the life of a single person whose actions inspire or affect others" (NHD.org)

Think of the following:

What was it like before the turning point? 

What was the turning point?

What was it like after the turning point?

Are you looking for something new and exciting to read?  Check out books now trending!  Click on a book and get a brief summary. All books are available in person or in e-book through SORA!

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