Curriculum & Instruction

Our Mission

The mission of the Hattiesburg Public School District is to educate all students to become productive citizens of a dynamic, global community.

Our Vision

The Hattiesburg Public School District is a model teaching and learning community that graduates productive and caring citizens who are prepared to succeed.

Our Goals

Academic Success: All students proficient and/or showing growth in all academic areas.

Community Support & Engagement: Foster community partnerships that support student achievement and school success.

Safe and Orderly Schools: Maintain a positive learning environment.

Fiscal Accountability: Maintain sound fiscal practices.

Our Beliefs

We believe in ALL children achieving at high global academic standards.

We believe students are the central focus of all school district activities.

We value and have high expectations for them.

We believe that our staff is the core of the district.

We value, support, and expect high levels of performance from them.

We believe in providing a physically and psychologically safe learning and working environment.

We believe in cultivating leadership in educational matters throughout the district and community.

We believe in strategically allocating resources to enable students to learn at high levels.

We believe in providing a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities and experiences for our students.