I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology at UC Davis.

My primary research interests are in syntax-lexical semantics interface, sentence processing, and language acquisition. I investigate these issues with various methods including eye-tracking, corpus study, and judgment tests. I am also interested in finding suitable paradigms for data collection and comparing statistical models for data analysis.

My current research topics include:

  • processing of garden-path sentences
  • argument structure of intransitive verbs
  • Visual World Paradigm data modeling
  • acquisition of relative clause

My previous research topics include:

  • processing of unaccusative sentences and relative clauses
  • prosody of intransitive sentences

I have a secondary interest in the syntax-prosody interface, including:

  • modeling Mandarin tone sandhi variation
  • Jinan Tone sandhi (fieldwork)

Department of Psychology

University of California, Davis

Young Hall

Davis, CA 95616

Email: yujhuang(at)ucdavis(dot)edu