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The Physics mail system has finally reached the end of its life. This project has been in the works for quite some time now but is finally coming to an end. Physics does not have dedicated staff to run this infrastructure and it must be pared down to the bare minimum.

On December 1st, 2020 your @physics.harvard.edu email forwarding address will be deactivated. Please make plans to change this to another email anywhere you have it as a primary address and with any senders who regularly use this address. The help@physics.harvard.edu ticket system will also cease operation at that time.

HARVARD KEY: If your Physics address is what you use to log into Harvard Key, you will need to contact HUIT (ithelp@harvard.edu) and have this changed to another address (TIP: you can also use your HUID # instead of email when logging into Key)


Q: What if my appointment ends prior to December 1st, 2020?
A: Your @physics forward will end at that time.

Q: Can I get an exception and keep my forwarding?
A: There is no mechanism for exceptions. Please begin planning for this change now.

Q: I heard faculty will keep their forwarding.
A: This is true, but this is through a different mechanism and is not suitable for dynamic user accounts. Sorry, we cannot offer this to others, this list is static and finite.

Q: I have papers with that address on it. What can I do?
A: Ensure that you have an obvious presence on the Internet where those seeking to contact you can do so. While at Harvard you can set up a personal page on scholar.harvard.edu which will be regularly indexed by search engines. You can also endeavor to make sure your listing(s) on other academic resources is up to date.

Where to go if you need help

Contact HUIT at ithelp@harvard.edu or 5-7777 or visit https://huit.harvard.edu

PLEASE NOTE: HUIT cannot help you re-enable your previous @physics forwarding. This is not an option.