Graduate Colloquia

Welcome to the English Department Graduate Colloquia!

What We Do

The English Department Graduate Colloquia meet regularly, usually on a bi-weekly basis. Colloquium meetings might include invited talks by established scholars in the field; workshops of dissertation chapters, prospectuses, or article drafts; discussions of recent publications in the field; or professionalization workshops. Colloquium events also regularly draw audiences from the greater Cambridge/Boston area. Students in the graduate program are encouraged to attend any or all of them with any degree of regularity, regardless of their primary field(s) of interest. See individual colloquium pages on the left sidebar for detailed information about upcoming events. You can also subscribe to individual colloquium mailing lists by contacting the coordinators listed below.

Who We Are

Medieval Colloquium

Coordinators: Rob Brown, Joseph Shack

Faculty Sponsors: Daniel Donoghue, Anna Wilson

Renaissance Colloquium

Coordinators: Vanessa Braganza, Karina Mathew

Faculty Sponsors: Marjorie Garber, Stephen Greenblatt, Gordon Teskey, Leah Whittington

18th Century & Romanticism Colloquium

Coordinators: Erin Saladin, Adam Walker, Carly Yingst

Faculty Sponsors: James Engell, Deidre Lynch

Long Nineteenth Century and Modernism Colloquium

Coordinators: Emma Adler, Thomas Casalaspi

Faculty Sponsors: Beth Blum, Philip Fisher

20th Century and Contemporary Colloquium

Coordinators: Jocelyn Sears, John Marchinkoski

Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Rich

Theater & Performance Colloquium

Coordinators: Jonathan Karp, Jewel Pereyra

Faculty Sponsors: Ju Yon Kim, Derek Miller, Martin Puchner

Race & Ethnicity Colloquium

Coordinators: Olivia Carpenter, Amanda Gunn

Faculty Sponsors: Glenda Carpio, Jesse McCarthy