Anti-Bullying Policy & Reporting Procedures

Bullying and Harassment

Every student has the right to feel safe, valued and comfortable in school. No one else’s behavior should ever make students feel afraid or embarrassed because of their appearance, color, their religion, the country in which they or their parents were born, their gender, or any disability they may have. SMSA does not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind. Parents are urged to reinforce with their children that if he/she is bullied/harassed or sees harassment happening to someone else that he/she should report the behavior to a teacher or to any adult in the building. See HBOE Policy 5141 (a) for more information on pages 102-104 of the student handbook.

Bullying Complaint Procedure

Bullying Report Forms are located in the web links at the bottom of this page, in the Main Office and in the Guidance Suite. Student Bullying Reports can be kept anonymous from the accused perpetrator. Reports, however, that are submitted as totally anonymous may not be sufficient enough to act upon but must be investigated. In this case, it is better to give your

name to the administrator so that the suspected bully can be handled. Your name will be kept anonymous from the bully.

Parents can also fill out and report bullying by filling out the Parent Bullying Report Bullying and the bullying reports can be

submitted to the school’s administrators, social worker, guidance counselors, teachers and school nurse. To maintain a

productive and positive learning environment, SMSA will make every attempt to halt any bullying/harassment of which it

becomes aware. See District Safe School Climate Plan on pages 136-144.

Hazing Activities-HBOE Policy 5141 (b): Students are prohibited from participating in any hazing activities. Hazing is any

activity that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purposes of

initiation or admission into or affiliation with any student organization.

Sexual Harassment: It is the policy of the Hartford Public Schools and SMSA to maintain a learning and working environment for students that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment -which is unwelcome sexual attention from peers, teachers, and staff, any individual subject to the control of the Hartford Public Schools and/or SMSA, or anyone with whom the victim may interact – is accordingly a violation of the policy of both the Hartford Public Schools and SMSA. It is also in violation of state and federal laws.

Harassment Complaint Procedure

A. If a student believes that he/she is being harassed, that student, personally, or through an intermediary, should immediately inform the harasser that his/her behavior is unwelcome and must not be repeated.

B. As soon as a student feels that he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment, he/she should verbally report or submit a

written bullying incident report to the building principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, social worker, or school

Nurse. The student is to be made aware of his/her rights and provided with a copy of the policy and complaint procedure.

C. Any student who makes an oral complaint of harassment to any of the above-mentioned personnel will be encouraged to

file a written complaint. If the student does not file a written complaint, then the individual to whom the oral complaint

was given shall file a written complaint on behalf of the student. The complaint shall contain the following information:

1. Name of complainant

2. Date of complaint

3. Date of alleged harassment

4. Name or names of the alleged harasser or harassed

5. Location where such alleged harassment occurred

6. Detailed statement of circumstances constituting the alleged harassment

All complaints are to be forwarded to the Title IX Coordinators: high school--Debra Carlson, School Social Worker

and middle school—Olivia Sterlein, School Social Worker. If, however, one of these individuals is the subject of

the complaint, the complaint will be forwarded directly to the superintendent of schools/designee