Venture Directory

Facilitator Grade Name of Venture Room

Mrs. Brunell K Kinder Gardeners P200

Mrs. Jernigan K Family Connections P201

Miss Pino K Sea World G200

Mrs. Small K Jurassic World G207

Mrs. Cremona 1 Ancient Kids P204

Mrs. Wight 1 Land of the First Grade P205

Ms. Anderson 1 Turtles and Other Terrific Reptiles M105

Mrs. MacDonald 2 Magnificent Math Masters M100

Ms. Kinyua 2 Geography Explorers M201

Ms. Rasmussen 2 Literacy Adventures M200

Mrs. Thompson 2 Creepy Critters M101

Mrs. Cohen 2 The Making Wizards Library

Ms. Xu 2/3 The Golden Dragon World M206

Mrs. De Vincenzi 3 Webster Zoo M113

Ms. Miller 3 The Science Factory M118

Ms. McKenzie 3 Mindfulness 4 Life M119

Mrs. Gingras 3 Super Art Kids M026

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Facilitator Grade Name of Venture Room

Ms. Gosselin 4 Sports Hall of Fame M216

Ms. Rafala 4 Super Science Stars M217

Mrs. Smith 4 The Stagewriters M213

Mrs. Sutcliffe 4 Percussion Academy M016

Mrs. Peet 4 The Violin Champions A000

Mrs. Anderson 5 The Reading Crib A217

Ms. Frazer 5 High Flying Airplane Masters A205

Mr. Lawrence 5 Justice Math League A216

Mr. Popolizio 5/6 Elite All Stars Gym

Mr. Wallen 5/6 The Legend of the Junior Scientists A203

Mr. Borawski 6 M & S A223

Mrs. Catarino 6 Webster Writers A220

Ms. Politi 6 World Tour A221

Mr. Edwards 7 Webster Bank & Peacekeepers A200

Ms. Garboski 7 Restorative Circles A201

Mr. Herman 8 Community Service A231

Mr. Thornley 8 Webster Government A204