Our School's Expectations

Kinsella's Guiding Principles:

  • Each child is unique and will be given the opportunity to achieve to his/her fullest potential.

  • Each child can learn and will be given equal opportunities for learning.

  • Each child and his/her culture will be respected.

  • Each child will learn in a safe, challenging, and nurturing academic environment.

  • Each child will participate in an educational setting that is geared to accommodate his/her needs.

  • Teachers will participate in Professional Development workshops that are regularly scheduled.

  • The educational process will be the collaborative responsibility of the R.J. Kinsella community, including teachers, students, and parents.

  • Learning is a lifelong process which prepares students to become productive members in a global society.

At Kinsella, we believe in ARRTS:

  • Attitude- Kinsella students and staff are always encouraged to bring a positive attitude to each and every endeavor, whether it be onstage, in the classroom, or on a field trip.

  • Respect- Respect is a cornerstone of our Kinsella community. At the beginning of every year, students and teachers work collaboratively to create classroom respect agreements and are held to these guiding principles throughout the year.

  • Responsibility- At Kinsella, we believe it is never too early to teach students how to be responsible. We lead by example and nurture students' efforts so that everyone can become a conscientious classroom citizen.

  • Trustworthiness- What is a community without trust? At Kinsella, we lead by example. Teachers work hard to earn students' trust and to teach students what it means to trust one another.

  • Safety- Safety is a priority at R. J. Kinsella. From learning proper hallway etiquette to learning how to use social media in a safe and respectful way, all of our students are taught the importance of safe behavior.

When students go above and beyond to demonstrate one or more of Kinsella's ARRTS values, he or she is often rewarded with an ARRTS card. ARRTS cards give students the ability to "purchase" items from our Kinsella ARRTS Cart, which visits classrooms monthly.