Graduation Requirements

Course Levels

The R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts High School subjects are classified as Academic level and Honors level courses. Specific information about a student’s achievement and placement should be obtained from the school counselor.

Course Selection Process

Each year students meet with their school counselor to plan a course for the following year. Parents are encouraged to be a part of this process. Factors to be considered include:

1. Graduation requirements

2. Student’s ability as measured by group tests

3. Grades and general academic achievement

4. Recommendations of present teachers

5. Career goals

6. Plans for higher education

7. Post-high school planning

Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Admission requirements for four-year colleges and universities vary greatly, but general guidelines can be very helpful for students in planning their program at RJ Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts High School.

Two-Year Colleges/Associate Degree Programs

Associate degree programs are usually two years in length and are offered at certain community or junior colleges. Students may enroll in a terminal program which grants an associate degree or a transfer program, which allows students to continue their education at a four-year college or university. There are many opportunities for students in both traditional course offerings and specialized technical areas.