11th Grade College Planning


  • Communicate with your parent(s) about your current schedule and future plans

  • Visit your College and Career Specialist to check on internships and summer program opportunities

  • Make it your responsibility to read bulletin board postings for upcoming events


  • Meet College Admission Representatives, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines Corp and U.S. Army Recruiters in College/Career Center in fall, sign up for scheduled recruitment presentations through Naviance

  • Begin researching colleges through Naviance and develop your college list

  • Meet with your school counselor to evaluate your academic plan to ensure you are ready for graduation next year, determine what you need to do now, to meet the admissions requirements for the schools you are interested in.


  • Take the PSATs

  • Work hard in your SAT prep class

  • Participate in extracurricular activities, clubs or other organizations


  • Arrange a college visit with your family. Go when classes are in session, to gain a true sense of the college atmosphere


  • Prepare for final exams, remember every grade counts towards keeping your GPA up.

  • Ask yourself if you have any leadership experience, if not get involved, join after school activities, committees and organizations, take on special projects - lead a group


  • Review your PSAT results and look to for opportunities for improvement


  • Visit colleges over winter break

  • Prepare to take the SATs in March meet with your school counselor to find out when the test will be administered at Kinsella


  • Take the SATs during Connecticut SAT School Day

  • Attend the Hartford National College Fair


  • If you missed taking the SATs in March, meet with your School Counselor to schedule time attend the make-up SAT date scheduled in April.

  • Begin creating a college list of stretch target and safety schools utilizing data the from your SAT scores

  • Meet with your College and Career Specialist to help plan your summer activities: school, work, internship or community service

  • Plan to visit schools during spring break


  • Attend Junior college planning night with your parents

  • Seek out teachers whom you would like to write recommendations for you in the fall


  • Plan summer college visit /tour(s). Remember, appointments fill early. Call colleges ahead of time.

  • Research scholarship opportunities

  • Begin thinking about interesting and meaningful Capstone topics to research, this will save you time and provide you with a head start come senior year