College Application

College Application Process

Please read each step carefully & speak with your School Counselor with any questions.

1) SELECT COLLEGES: Research, visit, and contact the colleges directly to narrow down your list. Use your Naviance and search for colleges that best fit your educational needs. Discuss your list of colleges with your parents and counselor.

2) COLLEGE VISITS TO Classical: College representative visits provide another opportunity for students to learn and ask specific questions about the college. Student must sign up to attend these meetings. Signup sheets are posted in the Counseling Office.


a. COMMON APP: If colleges use the Common App, create a Common App account (see instructions under COMMON APP).

b. ONLINE APPLICATION: If your college/university does not use Common App, please apply directly on the college/university’s website by creating an account. Please remember to add these colleges/universities in your Naviance account under “colleges I am applying to” so your transcript could be electronically processed.

c. If you are applying to a 2 year college, you can complete a paper copy and attach a fee waiver (printed from collegeboard). Please remember to add these colleges/universities in your Naviance account under “colleges I am applying to´ so your transcript could be electronically processed.


a. Complete the Letter of Recommendation Request form and give to the 2-3 people (counselor, teachers, coach etc.) who you’ve personally asked to write on your behalf. If applying with the Common App, a Counselor recommendation is required.

b. When asking teachers to write letters of recommendation, please give ample time (3 weeks at a minimum). Ask in person by providing the Teacher Recommendation Form AND then go to Naviance to request letters of recommendation (generates email to teacher to upload letter). See instructions under NAVIANCE.


a. Start with Common App prompts, speak with your teachers/mentors, and research topics. It’s recommended to submit essays, even if optional.

b. Have other people proofread for grammar and content (English Teachers are a great resource).

6) APPLICATION DEADLINES: You must set up a meeting with your School Counselor to request your official transcript after you’ve submitted your application and at least 2 weeks prior to the college’s admission deadline.

7) TEST SCORES: Students are responsible for sending official SAT or ACT scores from the testing services (CollegeBoard/ACT) to the colleges. Students can request up to four free score reports when registering for the SAT; otherwise, there is a fee for each score report sent to each college at a later date.

8) Q1 & MID-YEAR GRADES: Mid-year report cards (and grade report forms if required) are automatically sent by the School Counseling Office to all colleges to which you’ve applied. You must request for Q1 grades to be sent to your schools by meeting with your counselor. A final transcript will be sent to the one college each senior indicates they will be attending at year’s end.