Meet the Principal

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Partners,

Welcome to Classical Magnet School. I am honored to continue to lead our impressive school community as we provide every student with a high quality, challenging learning experience deeply routed in our Paideia model. All members of our school community remain committed to supporting the personal growth and development of every student to meet our high expectations and standards.

There are two things I love most about Classical Magnet- our method and our motto:

Paideia- this is the method of teaching we pride ourselves on at Classical Magnet School. It consists of a blend between didactic teaching, Socratic seminar, and coached projects. This methodology ensures that students are able to access the academic concepts on a number of levels, while developing the skills to become independent, lifelong learners.

Non scholae sed vitae discimus (“We learn not for school but for life.”)- this is the motto we proudly profess at Classical Magnet School. We work to ensure that students understand a larger context for their learning and appreciate how each of the academic concepts they learn can help them in other aspects of life. All components of the school experience should work to help prepare students to become productive members of society.

As a member of our school community, each of us has a responsibility to work to ensure that students strive to meet our high expectations, offering support and guidance to assist them in doing so. I pledge to work on behalf of all members of our school community, leading us in our commitment to our students. Thank you for your dedication to our school community and to helping to foster a love of learning in all that we do.


Brooke Lafreniere