John Lacy: Teaches Statistics, Calculus, Pre-Calculus

Mark Prelli: Teaches Geometry and Data and 7th grade math

10th Grade: Jim Hochdorfer: Teaches Algebra II and Algebra I Lab

9th Grade: Kim Webster: Teaches Algebra I

Teresa Bulanda: 8th Grade/7th Grade:

Lauren Silva: 6/7th Grade:

Resources to help your students find numeracy success:

Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Algebra I: Mostly taken by freshmen, this is a standard Algebra I curriculum, but bolstered by Carnegie Learning, which reinforces the classroom instruction.
  • Algebra II: This occurs for most students during 10th grade, as to ensure that students see every algebra II concept before the SAT test. Since this class follows Algebra I directly, students can build upon what they learned in Algebra I the previous year.
  • Geometry and Data: This is one quarter of Statistics and Data, to ensure that students have access to and a refresher on the statistics questions which are on the SAT, followed by three quarters of a more standard geometry course.
    • Mr. Prelli's office hours are Mondays 3:00 to 3:45, and 7 am to 7:30am on any day (prearrange by email please)
  • Pre-Calculus: Using a college level textbook (the same one used by students at University of Hartford), this course aims to prepare students for Calculus, as well as build upon the topics in the previous 3 years. Suitable for students who want to study mathematical or scientific fields.
  • Statistics: Prerequisite doesn't include Pre-Calculus, so this can be taken after the Geometry and Data course. The study of data in the world, and how it can be significant. Students can earn college credit by passing the AP exam, if they choose to take it.
  • Calculus: Suitable for mathematical and scientific students, this offers students college level material and the opportunity to take the AP exam if they so choose.