Safety and Security

School Safety

Officer David Ortiz

Officer Freddy Caro

School Safety Officers (SSO)

Safety and security of our students, staff and school community is very important. Our front doors remain locked at all times, and visitors must press the door bell, identify themselves using the speaker (there is a TV monitor in the main office), and show a photo ID. Visitors also need to have their photo ID put through a Raptor system at the security desk, and all visitors that will be volunteering need to complete an online volunteer application.

New safety & security measures:

  • A new FOB key system for staff at the front door so that they are able to securely enter the building without having to unlock the front doors.

  • A sliding window in the front main office alcove area that can be opened and closed by security so that visitors would stop there to sign in (as opposed to entering the main office)

  • Officer Ortiz is now stationed in the main office alcove area so he is more visible

  • A new Raptor Visitor Management Program: The Office of Safety and Security will be implementing a new state of the art touch-less, automated, visitor management sign-in system in all our schools which is to be located at the front desk. This system is the Raptor Visitor Management Visitor Program. The Raptor Visitor Management will enhance school security by reading visitor’s drivers licenses or other state issued identification cards, and processing that information through data systems. These systems include a sex offender database which will alert school safety officers, school administrators, and police to the presence of a sex offender on school property. This visitor management system will be used to enhance our ability to protect students, faculty, and visitors at all our schools.

Our SSO is monitoring video cameras throughout the building, making rounds outside and inside, and monitoring who is entering and exiting the building throughout the day.

Our first floor classrooms have patio doors but also remain locked at all times.